❤Happy Birthday Youngmin & Kwangmin ヽ(*^ー^)人(^ー^*)ノ

Kitty Kwangmin (=^・ω・^=)

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#happykwangyoungday mv; color analysis (inspired by: ofabeautifulnight)

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Kwangmin and his weird/adorable selcas 

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Alien ; kwangmin

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Pride of Boyfriend; Happy 20th Birthday to the twins, Youngmin & Kwangmin. 

´ ▽ ` )ノ

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[!!] We’re not trending anything tonight for Jo Twins’ Birthday to respect the Sewol ferry incident that happened last week.

cr. @Boyfriend_heree

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Alien ; kwangmin

Kwangmin’s weird dances compilation » requested by Anon

Kwangmin and his weird/adorable selcas 

Kwangmin's reactions to Donghyun & Youngmin's kiss scene~


11-12/∞ favorite photos of Jo Kwangmin